Reticulata Camellia

The Reticulata camellias originated in the Yunnan province of southern China, where the climate is very similar to the temperatures of highland Australia.

These spectacular shrubs produce a range of large blooms, usually in mid to late winter. The evergreen bushes are open and upright with large leathery leaves, varying between matte green and glossy dark green. These camellias are grafted to ensure hardiness and adaptability to various environments.

Most forms of Camellia Reticulata are robust growers that prefer a combination of full sun and light shade in slightly acidic soils. Some specimens produce blooms of 20-25cm in diameter, and can be seen in hues such as pure white, fuchsia, pale pink, scarlet red, and deep red.

While grafted plants cost more to produce, they grow as very healthy, vigorous and reliable specimens which are more adaptable to a greater variety of garden conditions. Any shoots below the graft should always be removed.