Japonica and Hybrid Camellia

Japonica and hybrid camellias are evergreen shrubs that will produce an abundance of striking blooms in winter and early spring. Japonicas and hybrids are the most numerous of all camellia cultivars, with flower shapes available in countless colours.

These plants reach their fullest potential in light shade to full sun. While it is sometimes considered best to plant them in shade, we believe the flowering is more plentiful from plants receiving good sunlight. (White and pale pink flowers may be best shielded from hot afternoon sun, which may scold the petals.) We also have camellia Reticulata and camellia Higo varieties available.

As natives of Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, and China (sometimes known as the ‘gum trees of China’), these plants are very well suited to Australian climates and soils. They have the potential to last a lifetime when carefully establishing and maintaining the plant. Soil that is well-drained but moist is optimum for growth and flowering; we strongly recommend mulching the root zone. If required, fertilizing is best completed in early spring (as flowering finishes).

The bushes have mostly glossy green leaves and are easily shaped, so little pruning is required. The flowers vary in size, from miniature clusters, through to small, medium, and large flowers, some of which produce floral fragrances.

While grafted plants cost more to produce, they grow as very healthy, vigorous and reliable specimens which are more adaptable to a greater variety of garden conditions. Any shoots below the graft should always be removed. Camellias make superb additions to any garden as they can be grown as a privacy screen or wind breakers, act as a fire retardant, and perform reliably in containers.