Dissectum Japanese Maple

The laceleaf, or dissectum, varieties of the Japanese Maple are generally the most popular and prized of the species. They are often also listed as Weeping Japanese Maples.

Most laceleaf maples are rounded, mushroom-shaped plants with strongly cascading branches and they rarely exceed 2m in height. When viewed in winter without their leaves, the bare branch structure of these plants can be seen. We graft all of our Japanese Maple specimens on hardy Acer Palmatum understock. Our customers can find a rich array of different styles, colours and shapes of Japanese Maples. while also being assured of the robustness of the plant chosen.

Although Laceleaf Maples’ fine leaves make them appear as very delicate plants, most are extremely hardy. If the plant is under stress, it will shed its leaves and re-shoot when conditions improve. Dissectum Japanese Maples are best grown in a position with good light. Ideally they should be protected from strong winds and the root zone kept cool with mulch. Japanese Maples have a non-invasive root system that is just below the soil surface. Cultivating or planting close to the trunk is not recommended. Fertilising and pruning, if needed, can be done safely in late winter.