Raraflora Nurseries

Raraflora Nurseries are a highly specialised grower of Japanese Maples, Camellias, Wisterias, Magnolias and Hibiscus, providing an online shopping service to customers in Australia.

Free delivery for orders over $50

Raraflora has one of the most extensive ranges of named varieties under these species, making it a favourite shopping destination for collectors and bonsai artists. Almost everything we grow is carefully hand grafted to ensure healthy plants which are more adaptable to a great variety of growing conditions.

All plants are grafted and growing in 200mm (8 inch) pots. For delivery, we bare root the plants, wrap roots in wet paper and package carefully. Parcels are sent to major centres (eg. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) and wherever possible, via a door-to-door courier service. To other destinations we post with Australia Post. This has proven to be a successful method of distribution.