Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba have distinctive two-lobed, fan-shaped, rich green leaves with diverging (almost parallel) veins. Leaves turn a neon like bright yellow in autumn.

    Conifers are generally hardy and attractive garden plants. There are so many different types of conifers we simply could never list them all but Raraflora specialises in many which are unusual or hard to propogate. We especially like many of the dwarf varieties, including “Emery’s Dwarf”, “Rainbow”, “Low Glow” and several smaller growing “Ginkgo Biloba” forms.

    Different forms of conifers have many uses such as: specimen planting, rockery subjects, ground covers and topiary or potted specimens. The vast majority are easily grown if given an open sunny position in well drained average garden soil.

    Colour and shapes vary tremendously and with careful selection a conifer can be chosen for most if not all positions. Colder weather also brings about stunning colour changes on some varieties.

    Light pruning can be done in Spring only if needed and an application of slow release fertilizer at the same time can be given.

    Almost all our cultivars are grafted to ensure early vigour and to maintain the true form.