Advanced Japanese Maple

The larger sized Japanese Maples are available for Click and Collect or delivery to select Greater Sydney and surrounding destinations. A delivery charge may be applied. Some varieties are also available in smaller sizes - see next section.

  1. Baldsmith

    A fabulous dissectum with bright orange-red spring leaves. The centre of the leaves turn green as summer approaches, leaving pink edges.

  2. Barrie Bergman

    Leaves that are rust red shading on green give this slower growing laceleaf a unique character. A good dense and compact weeping mound shaped plant. Autumn sees it turn orange-red.

  3. Chantilly Lace

    Starts out in spring a coppery red with tones of light green.

  4. Crimson Queen

    Leaves arrive in a deep red and it holds it colour well through summer. In Autumn it turns an extremely bright scarlet.

  5. Demi-Sec

    The foliage is finely dissected, a mid green colour with touches of orange through spring, and then fully mid green in summer.

  6. Dr Baker

    Dark red foliaged mushroom shaped weeper that is very vigorous and hardy.

  7. Emma

    Emerges in the spring with orange-red new growth maturing to a bronze-red to bronze green.

  8. EverRed

    The leaves of the popular Acer palmatum dissectum maintain their burgundy hue, even in full sun.

  9. Garnet

    A vigorous growing form with rich red-orange foliage and holds its colour well into summer. Will tend to be greener if grown in the shade.

  10. Green Hornet

    Finely cut, bright green lace leaf. New summer growth is tinged with red-orange. This is the only green dissectum with bright red autumn colour.

  11. Green Mist

    A vigorous, cascading lace-leaf Japanese Maple with soft green, deeply-cut leaves that provide a soft “misty” appearance.

  12. Inaba Shidare

    This is an incredibly reliable performer with gorgeous red colour which lasts and lasts in full sun.

  13. Irish Lace

    Bright pink new foliage, maturing to light green with pink, then bronze tips. Autumn colours are a blend of gold, orange and red.

  14. Lemon Lime Lace

    Leaves emerge a very light lemon yellow. When grown in the sun, the leaves keep a yellow-green appearance, or in the shade they become more lime green in summer.

  15. Nomura Shidare

    This Japanese maple has finely incised leaves which are dark red.

  16. Octapus

    Purple red foliage in Spring that turns crimson red in Autumn.

  17. Orangeola

    Spring growth is bright orange-red before turning dark green with red overtones in summer.

  18. Pendula Augustilobium

    Leaves are a good dark purple-red with noticeable undertones of green.

  19. Red Select

    Similar to ‘Bloodgood’ but holds colour well and performs better in hot sun. More of a purple red colour versus the maroon of ‘Bloodgood’.

  20. Rubrifolium

    This cultivar is more of a rust-red with prominent green veins. The color is maintained well into summer and then turns a rich, dark red-green.

  21. Rubrum

    Deeply dissected light bronze -green foliage that turns to green in summer and in autumn becomes yellow-orange.

  22. Stella Rosa

    Deep pink-red new growth followed by dark purple to red leaves in the summer that hold its colour well.

  23. Super Red

    A beautiful weeping Japanese Maple with super red Spring colour.

  24. Takinyama

    New growth is crimson red turning to dark purple as the leaves age.

  25. Viridis

    Soft pale green in spring, getting darker green in summer and turning a beautiful golden autumn colour.

Unfortunately, these plants are too large for our normal delivery arrangements to other destinations. Any orders which we cannot process will be quickly refunded to you.