The grafted deciduous magnolias are available in a wide range of flower colours including red, yellow, white, pink, purple and bi-coloured (striped). The flowers appear on bare stems before leaf break in spring. Sizes range from low bushy shrubs to tall tree forms. Raraflora magnolias are grafted to ensure early vigor and flowering, and also to encourage adaptability to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions. We do not currently stock evergreen magnolias, such as Grandiflora and Little Gem.

The majority of deciduous magnolias are considered small tree forms and are very suitable for the average garden, or even pot culture. An ideal planting site would be full sun in a wind protected area in a free draining but moist soil. Even a compromise of these conditions will still produce a sturdy specimen. (Any sucker growth should be removed when found) Mulching the root zone is also recommended. Pruning for shape or clearance can be done in spring as can the application of slow release fertilizer if needed.