Higo Camellia

Higo camellias are rare in Australia. They originate from southern Japan, and are known for their strikingly simple elegance. They have a strong cultural significance in Japan; up until the mid–19th century only priests and samurais were allowed to cultivate Higo camellias. For many years only the highest classes of nobility were allowed to possess or even have Higos on display.

The single form flowers are produced on a neat, compact bush. About twenty cultivars are currently available in Australia, with several more also in the country but not readily available. Higo camellias usually bloom singularly with a large central group of stamens. Colours range between red, white, pink, bi-colour (striped) to variegated (blotched). These colours are always luminous and are easily distinguishable from other camellia varieties.

Soil that is well-drained but moist is optimum for growth and flowering; we strongly recommend mulching the root zone. If required, fertilising is best completed in early spring (as flowering finishes).

While grafted plants cost more to produce, they grow as very healthy, vigorous and reliable specimens which are more adaptable to a greater variety of garden conditions. (Any shoots below the graft should always be removed.) Camellias make superb additions to any garden as they can be grown as a privacy screen or wind breakers, act as a fire retardant, and perform reliably in containers.